The initial price for setting up a website is $449 for the Electronic Package (if your content only consists of electronic files that you can send to us through the Internet (Word documents, images, PDF files, Powerpoint files, etc.)). It is $539 for the Electronic + Paper Package (if you have paper documents (business cards, brochures, flyers, etc.)). For these paper documents, we'll send you a postage paid envelope with which you can send these to us.

If you have no documentation whatsoever, you can choose the Electronic Package ($449) and then request a phone interview for our hourly rate ($55 per half hour). We'd be happy to do this and we have excellent interviewing skills. (The only concern here is that the telephone is a more time-intensive way to create initial documentation, so you might be better off sitting in front of any word processor and typing something up yourself, even if it's not perfect. We'll happily accomodate you either way, though.)

Aside from the one-time setup fee, we charge $55 per half hour for any changes, modifications or consulting after the website is complete. In addition, there is a recurring fee of $14.99 per month for web hosting, six months of which are included free in your package. (Web hosting means paying for the computer where your website lives. We don't own these computers.) You will be billed this $14.99 fee each month starting six months after your purchase date and can cancel at any time.

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