Your Own Website in Four Easy Steps!

You're too busy to make a website even though you need one.

You've procrastinated for years, so now:

  1. Gather up any electronic and paper documents you have describing your business or organization.
  2. Choose and pay for a design package.
  3. Send your documents to us.
  4. Sit back while we read your mind and create a beautiful website for you, along with your custom email address!

That's it! You don't have to do anything else (unless you want to)!

It's That Easy!

Finally get your website with almost zero involvement on your part! We'll read your mind!

Here is your chance to finally get your own website (plus domain name and email address)!

You know who you are: you've wanted a professional or personal website for years, but the reality is that you simply don't have the time to create it or tell someone how to create it. You're too busy with your stuff. Years of experience have taught you this: you basically need someone to read your mind and create your website with almost zero involvement on your part.

You don't need a web designer or a graphics artist. There are plenty of beautiful, professional website templates that are just waiting for your content. What you need is an outstanding technical writer with solid web skills who can read your mind, take whatever information you currently have, and structure it into a nice website. Minimal involvement on your part with maximum results.

Don't overthink it or you'll put if off again. Just get out your credit card and let us do it. Do it, finally. You've wanted a website for years and deserve one. Do it now. Click on the lefthand tabs for more details. Click on Do It! to place your order, and finally get the website you deserve with as little effort or involvement on your part as you'd like. Once you have it, you'll be more inclined to perfect it. But you can't do that if you don't have something to start with.

Just give us whatever information you've got and we'll read your mind!


We (my staff and I) are the people that can make this a reality for you. Your search is over. Seize this moment and quickly, before your attention flits to something else, do the following:

  1. Google for "Mohan Embar" and verify that I am a talented, capable, and (most importantly) honest person who is not going to scam you or steal your money.
  2. Gather all of the electronic files (Word documents, images, PDF files, Powerpoint files, etc. that you have stored on your computer) and paper documentation (business cards, flyers, brochures, etc.) you currently have describing your practice, company, or whatever it is that we'll be building the website for. (Please don't include copyrighted material if you are not the copyright holder.)

    You'll be paying me to read your mind and structure this information into a website. A top-notch software developer and technical writer like me is certainly capable of performing this task. See my résumé if you have any doubts. (Remember that we'll be using beautiful, professional templates designed by third-party designers and won't be doing the actual artistic design myself.)
  3. Choose the appropriate payment option. You can choose the Electronic Package (electronic documents only) or the Electronic + Paper Package (paper documentation + electronic documents).
  4. Review the fees and submit your payment. Afterwards, you'll be prompted to upload (send) any electronic files you have. Your smart computer friend can help you with this if you don't know how to. (It's very straightforward.) If you've chosen the option for paper documentation, you'll receive a postage-paid envelope in the mail that you can put your paper documentation into and send back to us.

The total elapsed time for placing the order should be just a few minutes and you'll finally get your website within a week or two of our receiving the information. You'll also get a nice web address (like and email address too (like It's finally going to happen!

Let's Do It!