Frequently-Asked Questions

How do you know me so well?
I know you because I'm like you. I sometimes get so wrapped up with making my clients and others happy that I ignore my own stuff. Even though I have the skills, it took me years to update my own website because I was too busy helping others. As I write this website copy, I'm simply writing to a version of myself that isn't web-savvy.

Why don't I have a website yet?
A couple of reasons come to mind. First of all, you're still fooling yourself into thinking that someday, you'll have the luxury to sit down with someone and design your website together or maybe do it yourself. It hasn't happened all these years and somewhere deep down inside, you know the circumstances aren't going to change anytime soon.

If you're looking for a great web or designer or artist to create your initial site, then you're looking for the wrong skill set. The best designer in the world isn't going to help you read your mind, look at whatever initial materials you have, and structure that content into an initial website. Those people are going to be constantly bothering you, asking questions about content. We've already established that you don't have time for that.

What you need is someone with technical writing skills (coupled with a knowledge of how websites work). That person can work independently and proactively and produce a website with minimal involvement on your part.

You'd be surprised how dramatically things change once you have an initial website in front of you. If it is perfect, then you're be happy and we're all done. If there are things you want change, you at least have a reference to say "I like this color better and this thingy should be here."

What will my web address (domain name) be?
We'll use our outstanding communications skills to pick a nice one for you based on the materials you send us. You won't have to do anything if you don't want to. (If you have suggestions or input, that's fine too.) We'll send you one or more candidate names and ask you to confirm one. This is the about the only time we'll bother you, unless you want to be bothered more throughout the design process. (The trick is to find a catchy domain name that's still available and we're experts at that.)

What is the pricing?
See our Pricing section for full details.

What is a template? What template will you use?
A template is a predesigned website where all you need to do is replace the content with your own. We don't design these templates - they're designed by web designers and graphic artists much more capable than we are. Our added value is the ability to read your mind, pick a good domain name, inject your content into a template and handle all of the administrative chores of setting up and maintaining your website.

There are thousands of beautiful templates to choose from and we'll choose the one which bests suits your content. Or else if you want to choose, that's fine too.

If I use a template, won't my website look like a copy of someone else's?
There are literally thousands of beautiful templates out there, so it's unlikely that a web surfer will come across a website looks exactly like yours during the course of a normal browsing session. There are also vendors that sell templates where you can pay a hefty sum (from hundreds to several thousand dollars) so that they will retire the template after you acquire it. If you really want to go that route, we can help you do that.

Obsessing about a website's appearance can be a dangerous mindset, though. It's precisely through worrying about colors and fonts and layout that people fall victim to a software development term called "analysis paralysis". For some, that's part of the reason they don't have a website yet.

The antidote to analysis paralysis is doing something, anything, to move things forward. We'll pick a decent template, structure your content, inject it into that template and you'll have that something. Don't overthink it.

What if I want to make changes to my website later on?
Your website, once created, is 100% yours. It's easier to change something that exists than something that doesn't, so maybe you'll want to change things yourself. We'll give you pointers on how to do that. We'll be happy to make changes too, using your schedule and preferred means of communication (electronic documents, email, our web form, scribbling notes on paper and mailing them to us). Our hourly consulting fees apply. See our Pricing section for more details.

What if I want to be able to sell things on my website?
If you have a Paypal account and know specifically what you want to sell, we can hook your website and specific items into Paypal. Our hourly consulting fees apply. See our Pricing section for more details.

Is it really going to happen? Am I finally going to get my website?
Yes, provided you don't procrastinate yet again. (Just do it.)

I already have a web designer and website, but I'm not happy.
That's a shame, but understandable under certain circumstances. Many web designers don't have technical writing skills and bother you too much about content-related questions. (Or else they think they have writing skills and you're constantly cleaning up after them.) Even worse, since web designers are people, some have egos and want to design things from scratch and do all kinds of gratuitous animation and flashy stuff which ends up being a billing freefall for you. Maybe you've also fallen into the trap of obsessing about appearance and constantly adjusting colors, fonts and the like and your designer is enabling you.

Perhaps it's time you cut the chains and start over. If you have an existing website, it will be a wonderful place for us to start for getting content.

You're a software developer? Why are you doing this? Are you qualified to build websites?
I'm doing this because I've identified a class of people like you who really want a website but keep procrastinating because they're too busy and surviving okay enough without one. I've already developed websites "on the side" for many such people and I figured it would be a shame not to cash in on this. Beautiful web templates are a dime a dozen. What you really need is someone with excellent language and writing skills who knows how to read your mind and help you structure your content (as well as deal with the administrative chores of running your website). Check out my résumé (CV) and software consulting website to get an idea of my technical experience.

Are you nice?
Yes, I'm very nice. My staff and I are very professional too. Since I'm a software consultant, I have to be nice and professional to survive.

Let's Do It!